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Sons and Daughters Orthodontics is your choice for new braces in Orange County.

Serving Irvine and the Surrounding Orange County, CA (California) - Sons and Daughters is your orthodontic specialist offering Invisalign® and braces for children, teens, and adults.

We partner with 3M to use the best materials including the clearest Clarity™, 3M bracket and Invisalign. Clarity™ brackets reduce chair time so you can be in and out of your appointments and they look virtually invisible on your teeth.

In California, we sure know the importance of a great smile! At your Irvine orthodontics office, we want to help you achieve the healthy, straight, confident smile that you've always hoped for. Choosing to receive orthodontic treatment can be the greatest change of your life; are you ready to begin the journey?

Orthodontics is simply straightening the teeth due to what is referred to as "malocclusion." This is the condition of having misaligned teeth where the jawline meets the individual teeth, resulting in a mismatch when the jaw is closed. Think your child may need braces after all the baby teeth fall out? It's never too early to get started on some prevention so stop by for a free consultation. Contact us here.